The story "Through another’s eyes" came to me at 5:20 AM one morning in a vision from God. I was shown that this story is for my benefit and is to be passed on to others for their encouragement.

The story is about a man named Demas who has acquired wealth and influence, at the expense of others, through his questionable business practices.

Through a near death experience he is brought face to face with what may become his eternal destiny.

While struggling with his new found knowledge, Demas is confronted with the person and teaching of Jesus Christ. Through these teachings, Demas discovers the errors of his previous life style.

Demas longs for a life more fulfilling than the experiences he has already enjoyed but questions if the things he’s done in his past will prevent him from experiencing the true joy he desires.

Longing to experience this more fulfilling life, Demas begins to eternalize the new teachings he’s learned. He longs to be free of the mistakes and life choices that he knows in his heart have resulted in his personal spiritual bondage.

Demas must decide if he will walk away from the temporal pleasures of the world to seek the true freedom he’s lacked in his life. This is a decision we all have to make.